• Medical Services & Consumer Protection Act, Briefing Paper

    published By CUTS Centre for Consumer Action, Research & Traini On Jan 01, 2011

    This briefing paper evaluates the significance of the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), 1986 in tune with Medical Services, which is now one of the basic needs of consumers in their day to day life. COPRA has always been a strong tool for consumers in fighting the menace of any service available to them. The Act is a milestone in the history of socio-economic legislation to meet the long felt necessity of protecting the common man from wrongs for which the remedy under the common law for various reasons has become illusory. Medical services is as important as any other service for consumers and like other services, consumers have been facing hardships in this area also. Therefore, this briefing paper is an effort to showcase Medical Services vis-a-vis COPRA highlighting duties and liabilities of doctors and hospitals, kinds of liabilities, status of private and government hospitals and other remedies available to consumers besides the COPRA.
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